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The Cincinnati Consilium

Since I've started up my Murder in the Pines chronicle again, I did a bit of work on the Consilium of Cincy. Here's the deal:

The Hierarch of Cincy is a Mastigos of the Silver Ladder named Helen. Helen was a member of a cabal called Guiding Hand, but she is the last surviving member of that cabal. She challenged the reigning Hierarch of Cincy to the Duel Arcane for his position and won (if you've read the opening fiction to Tome of the Mysteries, this should seem a little familiar).

By tradition, Hierarchs cannot be members of cabals. The city's Sentinels are, by default, the Hierarch's bodyguards and cabal. Silas, the previous Hierarch, had a cabal of Sentinels that he had trained in the magical arts for years. Helen promptly fired them when she took over and recently appointed a cabal of Sentinels. Rob, Aaron and Mike know them; they'd be the former members of Persephone Unbound who Awakened as Mastigos during the last story. They aren't magically experienced, but they're all ex-military and highly effective combatants. Helen is regarded as an extremely well-protected mage.

Councilors are chosen by the Hierarch, or they can be elected by a simple majority vote from the existing Councilors. Once elected, a Councilor holds the position for life (or until he abdicates), so the appointing of a Councilor is a delicate political matter. Councilors are allowed to remain members of their own cabals, but they are expected to treat the other Councilors as they would cabal-mates. In practice, though, Councilors tend to organize along order lines.

The Councilors of Cincinnati are:

  • Shabriri, Acanthus of the Mysterium (and formerly a player character). Overseer of the Collection. Probably the least experienced magically of the Councilors. Recently appointed.
  • Silas, Obrimos of the Silver Ladder. The former Hierarch.
  • Bailiff, Mastigos of the Adamantine Arrow. A member of the Guardian Angels and kind of their coordinator, if not leader. Elected to the Council during Silas' time as Hierarch.
  • Ember, Obrimos of the Mysterium. The Censor of Cincinnati, appointed by Helen. - Deceased.
  • Vulcan, Thyrsus of the Silver Ladder. A younger mage, but skilled as a spirit-artificer. Appointed by Helen.
  • The Eye of the Storm, Acanthus Apostate and solitary. Member of the House of Ariadne. Elected under Silas.
  • Crescendo, Moros of the Guardians of the Veil. Leader of the Choir Invisible. Appointed by Silas.
  • Ad Infinitum, Acanthus of the Free Council. Solitary. Talks your ear off if you let him. Elected under Silas.

Helen's son Awakened as an Acanthus shortly after she took the Hierarch's seat, and she made him the Consilium Herald. His Shadow name is Balder.

Now, the Sentinels (all Mastigos):

  • Ryan Miner. Shadow Name: Castor. Adamantine Arrow. Champion target shooter in his younger does, now a sniper.
  • Stanley Miner. Shadow Name: Pollux. Adamantine Arrow. Driver and mechanic.
  • Gordon Adams. Guardians of the Veil. Shadow Name: Autolycus. Occultist and expert fencer.
  • Bill Hammish. Adamantine Arrow. Shadow Name: Daedelus. Demolition expert.
  • Saul Preston. Guardians of the Veil. Shadow Name: Golem. Ex-Moussad, knife fighting expert.

Cabals/Orders in Cincinnati:

Silver Ladder: The Silver Ladder has suffered a bit of a rift since Helen ousted Silas, but it's still definitely the organizational and overseer branch of mage life in Cincy. The only all-Ladder cabal is Silas', called the Hecatonchire, after the creatures consigned to Tartarus by the Titans. The members are Silas' former Sentinels, and as such are well-versed in combative and defensive magic, but not much else. Members: Omnus (Mastigos) (killed by Banishers), Patience (Acanthus), Solace (Thyrsus; also Scion of God), and Elixir (Moros).

The Bootstraps cabal is a group of young mages who believe that to build something better, you need to start with the right materials. They are therefore working to figure out how to build better societies, working with mages and enlightened people. They're "enlightenment," though, comes about through living life rather than studying philosophy, and they're very "street level" for Silver Ladder. Members: Vulcan, Big Mac (Moros), Clay (Moros), Phoenice (Thyrsus, Scion of God).

Mysterium: Shabriri runs the Collection and is a Coucilor. Hades left after his wife was murdered. Ember died recently. A new cabal, called Phoenix' Lure, has taken up residence: Apocrypha (Obrimos, Eye of Ain Soph) is the leader and the new Censor; Valence (Obrimos, Tamer of Fire); Rosemary (Acanthus, Singer in Silence); Dewey (Mastigos); and Cyan (Moros, Adamantine Arrow, former Guardian Angel).

Guardians of the Veil: There are two cabals in the city that are really representative of the Guardians (although several cabals actually include Guardians in their membership). The Choir Invisible is all-Guardian, mostly Faceless in agenda and methodology, and works on the usual "protect Sleepers from seeing anything that might upset them" thing. Crescendo is the leader, Sotto Voce (Acanthus) and Forte (Thrysus) are other members. They trained Midnight, as well as Golem and Autolycus.

The Empty Suits is mixed Free Council/Guardians, but all the Guardians are Moros because all members are Uncrowned Kings. They work to ensure that the several Fortune 500 companies in Cincinnati stay clear of supernatural influence. Fin was trained by a now-deceased member of the cabal. The Suits take simple, anonymous Shadow Names (Mr. Smith, Ms. Brown, Mr. Davis, etc.).

Mayfly (whom you can find in Tome of the Watchtowers) is a solitary, but works in close conjunction with the Choir.

Adamantine Arrow: Probably the best-represented order in the city, the Arrow stays neutral on non-threatening policy. The main cabal is the Guardian Angels; Bailiff is a member and the manager/coordinator. Falstaff and Bolg were both trained by this cabal (as were Castor, Pollux and Daedelus, for that matter). 10 mages and 15 Proximii belong to the cabal. When new cabals form, the Angels ask if they'd like an Arrow member. The cabal expects all members to stay current in training, both physically and magically.
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