Chris Bell (coridan) wrote in mageawakening,
Chris Bell

Ascension Nova!

Please come and check out Ascension Nova, a project for bring Mage: The Ascension into the NWoD world and rules set. Our ongoing project is aimed at bringing the intensity, guerilla warfare and cosmic questions of Mage: The Ascension into the sreamlined, adult and foreboding New World of Darkness setting. Reality is subjective, the Ascension War still raged, but the Traditions and Technocracy are like you've never seen them before!

Ascension Nova uses all of the rules innovations of Mage: The Awakening, but introduces the great setting elements that made old world Ascension so awesome. Finally, we're a community project, and we welcome your contributions!

For more info, message me here or email kaiu dot keiichi at gmail.
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